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Favorite DC Lines

Like it!

Craving for perfect song lines that could slit your throat and cut your wrist?lol. Take some dosage of DC, wear a pair of sneakers. Sing and Die while listening to songs of Dashboard Confessionals! sOOoo EMO!

"We are the only ones who feel it. Tonight we drink. Tonight we dance. We are the last ones who can hear it...heaven is here" -heaven here

"You get one look. I'll show you something that the knife took. A bit too early for my own good. Now let's not speak of it again"  -dont wait

"When every move and each impulse brings clarity to stay like this is everything you’ll ever need" -rooftops and invitations

"Breathe, dont you want to breathe. I know that you are strong enough to handle what i need my capillaries scream. Theres nothing left to feed on my body needs a reason to cross that line will you carry me there one more time" -reason to believe

"Defense is paper thin, Just. One touch and I'll be in, too deep now to ever swim against the current so let me slip away" -vindicated

"As for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs and sit alone and you're making out. And as for me I wish that I was anywhere, with anyone, making out." -screaming infidelities

"Hand out the window floatin' on air just a flip of the wrist and im wavin' you goodbye" - so long, so long

"We're stronger where the strain had broken us and there is fight in us, I know that it will take more than
a heavy rain to silence us when there's so much for us. I know." - the widows peak

"So sneakers or flip-flops? I'm starting to panic, (wait wait) Remember she asked you, remember to breathe. and everything will be okay." -remember to breathe

"But for now I'll look so longingly, waiting... For you to want me, for you to need me, for you to notice me" -for you to notice

"Pouring over photographs. I'm living in your letters. Breathe deeply from this envelope it smells like you and I can't be without that scent, It's filling me with all you mean to me to me." -living in your letters

I love DC, they put a mark in my life...though some people say that they are way too depressing. For me, Chris Carraba is genious since his further seems forever days. Screaming deadly:)

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