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I love you more than anything

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"I love you more than anything"
By Oliver D. Lundag

It is so amazing when you are with me                           
I am breathless when you are not there for me               
The sounds of your voice revolves around me                
The sweetness of your care was captured me                  

The clouds move when the wind blows                           
When you look at me in your window                             
Your smile is like a beautiful rainbow                             
Light as the sun lights up my dark shadow                   

Once more you bring those smiles to me                           
I love it when you look straight back at me                   
If it supposed to be like this                                             
I will not ignore the chance to miss                                 

Once more you tell those three words to me                    
I love it when you straight up with honesty                 
When you say those things in my ear                                 
You always tell me what my heart wants to hear            

Wear your smile on your face                                              
Let's make things not hard to believe                                
Don't run away, you are the best place I can hide           
It is the best place when I'm by your side.                        

We can walk in the same direction                                  
You and I will feel this situation                                    
Forgiveness will be our satisfaction                                
With you my heart felt devotion                                      

The river might die in the summer                                   
But I will never die as a partner                                        
My heart will burn like a fire                                             
With you I want to live my life forever                                          

You are my strength at all times                                       
I want to eat with you at lunchtime’s                            
Have a date with you in dinnertimes                              
And share my feelings with you at downtimes                              

Sometimes I have been careless                                         
But you pull me out from darkness                                  
And save me from being senseless                                     
Thanks for your wonderful kindness                              

Without you I am nothing                                                
Thanks for keeping me breathing                                     
I know that this poem has an ending                                
But I love you more than anything...            

> Thanks Oli. Nice work ;)

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