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Like it!

Time to stop.

When the pain is excruciating. Stop it!

Its 4:23 PM., Monday September 7th of 2009

Rainy Afternoon.

Special Non Working Holiday

STOP IT. Ill stop my heart now.

Ill find a place where i can lay and give my heart for others insensitivity.

Ill give my life to those who needs ressurection          

Thats good enough to hear those words. I am the only fucking person that must be blame. I put my self on this situation. I should have never dreamed of things that was never meant to be mine. I should have listened to people's words instead of listening to my stupid heart. I'm the most fucking stupid person who believed in so much love. A love story that's only meant for movies.

It was never a mistake. Its a risk taken by me. Its a choice that i put myself into.

I did everything i can but now i know i should stop. Ill take some high dosage of "bitter-pills" and lie down on the floor. Ill crush down the house that i wanted to give you and built another new. Ill buy a car and take my lover for a ride. Ill work on photography and discover how beautiful life is offering me. Ill change my phone number and get away for an escape. I don't need anyone's advice because Ive been here so many times.

For now ill make a stop. Thank you.

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