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Love Program

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import body.heart.soul.complexlife;

public class Complexlife extends InternalHeartAche {

private String YOU = "",ME = "";

private void Complexlife(){//start
YOU = (charm *) allocate (sizeof (myHeart));//You capture me with your charm
this.setSize(YOU);//you are in my heart now
while (LOVE !=  NULL){//while our love is not equal to zero
DISTANCE = new DISTANCE (distance);//pair distance
CARE = new CARE(YOU);//I care for you
MISS = new MISS(YOU);//I miss you
CRAZY = new CRAZY(ME);//crazy for you
catch(nullpointer exception You){}//I'll catch you
if (TEARS > SMILE){//but while tears is greater than smile
HATE++; //hate  
LOVE- -; //love lessen
TIME++; //time to think  
catch(nullpointer exception Me){// I'll still catch you
DIE = new DIE(ME);//I might die without you
return Complexlife;//start over again
 *** END of Complexlife

Thanks Oli. Great work! :D

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