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Dear Emo Friend

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Dearest Reon,

Hello there,

Its been a while since i last saw your tears. At last i'm going to have quiet nights that i could sleep and not to think if you are shedding tears underneath your eyelids. You changed my life by letting me in through the deepest space inside your heart. I remember that day when you asked me to wrote you a poem, so that you can hear what my tied tongue has to say. It took me 6 hours to put a smile on your pretty face as i stand shaking in front of you while reading those words written in a small piece of paper. It's not hard to get it, you smiled at me like we are on a Romeo and Juliet play and that's the start of what we called "new beginnings".

We were wrong. We became more miserable. We cant keep up to the pace that life has given us. I became more busy and busy just to give you those promises that i made. I did not notice that the time flies as i make a sprint towards our dream life. I want you to know that i do regret those times that i could sit beside you and have a chalk talk with you. Ask you how was your day and how many bullshits you run unto.

Now our life has changed. You're gone. You took away everything that life has to gave you. But i know your happier now. Stay happy now. I know you are safe where ever you may be. Let me live a more miserable life without you. Soon ill be there. Ill rest in your arms and tell you stories about our lives.

I miss you. Soon ill be with you.

                                                                                                                   ---your emo friend

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